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Welcome to our Fairy door section,
These are our favourite products every house needs a fairy door it lets the wee folk into your home and garden!
Check out where some of our fairy doors have ended up 
CLICK HERE. we would love to have your photos of your door please email them.

All of these fairy doors are designed and handmade by ourselves and are not available anywhere else. Each one is made from a high quality strong plaster then hand painted and finally finished with a high quality matt varnish to keep it as natural looking as possible, ready to be placed inside or out.


'The fairy door' is a must have door for your collection, a very unique design that you will find nowhere else. This door measures 13cm by 7cm and really is made very special with intricate design detail.  

The Fairy Door
Item Id: FD128


The Wish Fairy door provides a special home for your wish granting fairy. Door measures 10cm by 7.5cm 

Wish Fairy Door
Item Id: FD129


Sparkle Fairy door, beautiful little sparkling door with intricate detail. Measuring 8.5cm by 6cm

The Fairy Door
Item Id: FD130


Tooth Fairy door measures 11cm by 8cm. Got children? this would be the ideal door to put in their room. They could leave their lost teeth outside the door for the Tooth Fairy instead of under their pillow.

Tooth Fairy Door
Item Id: FD131


Ssh.......Faeries sleeping door measures 8cm 8.5cm

Fairy Sleeping Door
Item Id: FD133


Fairy dust mine door. Ever wonder where fairies get the fairy dust well from the dust mine of course. No collection would be complete with one.

Fairy Dust Mine Door
Item Id: FD132


Blessed be door measures 12cm x 8cm, with detailed hinges and door handle.

Blessed Be Door
Item Id: FD121


Of course every Fairy needs a door to the whole of fairyland itself! This door measures 8.5cm x 12cm.

Fairy Land Door
Item Id: FD122


The Mystic door measures 13cm x 7.5cm with detailed hinges and door handle

Mystic Door
Item Id: FD123


The original fairy door - this is perfect for the no nonsense fairy that just wants a door. Measures 10cm x 8cm 

Original Door
Item Id: FD120


The believe door. This door is for those people that want to show they believe. The door measures 12cm by 9cm 

Believe Door
Item Id: FD106


This door is designed and handmade exclusively by Mystical Friends you will not find this door available anywhere else. With the personalised door you are able to have a name painted onto the door makes an ideal personalised present. You will have the opportunity to send a message when you complete your order please state when ordering exactly what you need on the door not forgetting how you want fairy spelling. If you miss the chance to leave a message then don't worry just email us either way will will always send you a confirmation email.

Please bear in mind as you can see from the picture there is a limit to how many letters we can fit on the door if you wish to email us first the please feel free.

The door measures 12cm x 9.5cm and like all of our other doors it will be finished in varnish for protection.


Personalised Door
Item Id: FD115


The Gold Knocker Door. A nice 'chunky' looking door this door measures 13cm by 10cm 

Gold Knocker Door
Item Id: FD107


The Silver Knocker Door. A nice 'chunky' looking door this door measures 13cm by 10cm 

Silver Knocker Door
Item Id: FD108


The Purple Believe Door. Identical to our original believe door but finished in metallic purple and silver this door measures 12cm by 9cm 

Purple Believe Door
Item Id: FD118


Why not add a accessory to your fairy door with a unique designed fairy window. Measures approx 3.5cm x 4cm This window is designed and handmade exclusively by Mystical Friends you will not find this window available anywhere else.

Pointed Window
Item Id: FD125

Square Window Design 1
Item Id: FD126

Square Window Design 2
Item Id: FD127


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